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Kuria Reveals Flaws in NTSA, KEBS 8-Year Car Importation Age Limit

Trade Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria has recently drawn attention to the flaws in the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) and Kenya Bureau Of Standards (KEBS) 8-year car importation age limit. These agencies have been using different methods to calculate the age limit of imported vehicles, leading to confusion and discrepancies in determining the vehicle's age. Kuria emphasizes the need for harmonization of these methods to streamline the importation process.

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Mismatch in Calculation Methods:

The discrepancy arises from the varying methods used by NTSA and KEBS to determine a vehicle's age limit. KEBS classifies all vehicles registered between January and December of a particular year into the same group, while NTSA calculates the age based on the specific month of registration. This difference leaves no room for rounding off a few months, leading to inconsistencies in determining the age of vehicles.

Impact on Importers and Vehicle Owners:

The conflicting methods of calculating the age limit have significant implications for importers and vehicle owners. It results in confusion, delays, and financial losses. In 2021, the Car Importers Association of Kenya (CIAK) faced a serious challenge when a shipment of approximately 20,000 vehicles was withheld at the Mombasa Port due to the agencies' failure to agree on the best model for determining the eight-year age limit. These delays were exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic, causing further complications for the importers.

Lack of Harmonization Efforts:

Despite the clear need for harmonization, attempts to resolve the issue have been unsuccessful so far. In 2022, the importers under CIAK lost a suit seeking to compel the agencies to harmonize the computation of the age limit. The court ruled that it was the mandate of Parliament, not the judiciary, to legislate on such matters.

Call for Harmonization:

Trade CS Moses Kuria emphasizes the urgency and importance of harmonizing the methods used by NTSA and KEBS. By treating vehicles as manufactured in a certain year or belonging to a certain age as a block, confusion and discrepancies can be minimized. Harmonization would provide clarity for importers, streamline the importation process, and reduce financial losses.


The flaws in the NTSA and KEBS 8-year car importation age limit calculation methods have caused significant challenges for importers and vehicle owners. Trade CS Moses Kuria's call to harmonize the calculation methods is a necessary step to eliminate confusion and create a more efficient importation process. Government intervention and collaborative efforts from all stakeholders are crucial to resolving this long-standing issue.

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