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Mass Transfers of Traffic Officers in Thika and Sagana Stations

In a recent development, Deputy Inspector General of Police Douglas Kanja announced mass transfers of traffic officers serving in Thika and Sagana stations. The transfers affected a large number of officers who had either overstayed in these stations or faced allegations of graft, which they vehemently denied. This article provides an overview of the transfers and highlights the ongoing changes in the police service.

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The decision to transfer traffic officers in Thika and Sagana stations was made due to various reasons. Complaints had been raised regarding the officers' prolonged service in these stations, prompting the need for a fresh rotation. Additionally, some officers faced accusations of corruption, though they strongly rejected these claims. To address these concerns and ensure a smooth functioning of the police service, the transfers were initiated.

Transfer Details:
Deputy Inspector General Kanja, in his announcement on July 28, transferred dozens of traffic officers from Thika and Sagana stations. The move also involved reassigning officers from the traffic departments to general duties at police stations in remote areas. In total, 97 officers on general duties were also moved to various stations as part of the changes. These transfers are part of an ongoing process, signaling further changes within the police service.

Notable Transfers:
Among the significant transfers, Elena Wamuyu, the former head of traffic in Thika, was reassigned to general duties as the new Kiambu head of operations. Wamuyu, a chief Inspector of Police, holds the highest rank among the transferred officers. The new head of traffic in Thika is Moses Bundi, who previously served as the deputy station commander at Railways in Kibwezi. Wycliffe Makanda, formerly the head of traffic in Kiambu, has been appointed as the new head of the crime office at Rioma police in Kisii.

Future Changes and Lobbying:
Insiders indicate that more changes are expected in the police service in the near future. These transfers are part of the ongoing efforts to streamline operations and ensure officers serve in different areas to minimize familiarity and potential corruption. Meanwhile, there is a growing lobby among officers to secure positions for the upcoming deployment of 1,000 officers to Haiti. The government has committed to deploying this contingent to help train and assist Haitian police, and officers are vying to be part of this mission.

The mass transfers of traffic officers from Thika and Sagana stations, spearheaded by Deputy Inspector General Kanja, aim to address concerns of prolonged service and allegations of graft. These changes also involve reassigning officers to different stations to enhance efficiency and curb corruption risks. Further transfers are anticipated in the police service, while the desire to join the mission to Haiti has sparked lobbying among officers. These developments reflect the ongoing efforts to strengthen the police force and maintain public trust.

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