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Nairobi: Boda Boda Riders Protest Bus Incident, Activists Teargassed Demanding Release of Saba Saba Protesters

Nairobi was engulfed in tension as angry Boda Boda riders took to the streets in protest after one of their fellow riders was knocked down by a KBS bus. The incident sparked outrage among the Boda Boda community, leading to a series of demonstrations known as the Saba Saba protests. However, the demonstrations took a violent turn when anti-riot police officers responded by teargassing and dispersing a group of human rights activists who had gathered at the Central Police Station, demanding the unconditional release of their detained colleagues.

Renowned human rights activist Boniface Mwangi, accompanied by former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga, played a pivotal role in advocating for the release of the detained protesters. They bravely confronted the authorities, purchasing supplies for the detainees and highlighting the importance of upholding the constitutional rights of peaceful demonstrators.

Mwangi took to Twitter to express his frustration, accusing the police of teargassing and assaulting the activists. He directly named OCS Central Police Station, Moses Mutayi, as the individual responsible for ordering the violent dispersal. Mwangi criticized the government, claiming that it was undermining the constitution by suppressing peaceful protests.

Former Chief Justice Mutunga echoed Mwangi's sentiments, emphasizing that the police should be protecting protesters rather than arresting them. Mutunga pointed out the provisions within the constitution that safeguard citizens' rights to assemble and express their grievances peacefully. He condemned the use of tear gas and water cannons, suggesting that legal action should be taken against those responsible for forced arrests and malicious prosecutions.

Mutunga urged the ruling Kenya Kwanza administration to respect the rights of peaceful demonstrators, emphasizing that allowing people to exercise their freedom of expression would enhance the government's image. He criticized the current state of the police force, calling for its decolonization and for the Attorney General and Inspector General of Police to be made aware of the constitutional protections in place.

The Saba Saba protests serve as a reminder of the importance of safeguarding citizens' rights and the role of activists in advocating for justice and accountability. The incident involving the Boda Boda rider and the subsequent protests highlight the need for dialogue and measures to address grievances within the community. It is crucial for the authorities to prioritize peaceful resolution, ensuring that citizens' voices are heard and respected.

In conclusion, the Saba Saba protests in Nairobi sparked by the incident involving a Boda Boda rider and the subsequent arrest of demonstrators have drawn attention to the need for upholding constitutional rights and fostering a dialogue between authorities and the public. Activists like Boniface Mwangi and former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga have played crucial roles in demanding justice for the detainees and calling for the protection of peaceful protests. It is hoped that these events will serve as a catalyst for positive change and lead to a more inclusive and accountable society.

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