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New Pattern Emerges as President Ruto Releases County Revenue on Time

Hussein Mohamed, the State House spokesperson, has announced that President William Ruto has set a new precedent by releasing funds owed to county governments on time. This timely disbursement ensures that delays in receiving shareable revenue can no longer be used as an excuse for service delivery mishaps by governors.

In an unprecedented move, President Ruto released the July 2023 shareable revenue for counties four days ahead of the end of the month. This action highlights his commitment to efficient governance and accountability. Furthermore, the National Treasury successfully complied with the law and released all funds owed to County Governments by June 30, setting a remarkable achievement after nine years.

Previously, counties often experienced delays of two to three months in receiving their funds, causing significant challenges in delivering services. However, this year's promptness in releasing funds marks a turning point. The release of Constituency Development Fund (CDF) to constituencies by June 30 is another noteworthy achievement, as it is the first time in a decade that such efficiency has been accomplished.

President Ruto's administration has demonstrated its dedication to the well-being of the most vulnerable citizens. Cash transfers under the social protection program were disbursed before civil servants' salaries, as promised. This financial year's budget is aligned with President Ruto's Bottom Up Economic Transformation Agenda, indicating a shift towards a more people-centered approach.

President Ruto's commitment to timely disbursement of funds was further highlighted during his visit to Lamu. He announced the release of the 32 billion shillings shareable revenue for counties on the same day, four days ahead of schedule. This action reflects his promise to prioritize the welfare of vulnerable individuals by ensuring stipends are paid before salaries.

As we move forward, we can expect more people-centered changes from the President's administration. The release of funds owed to counties and the emphasis on promptness in governance indicate a positive shift towards efficient and accountable leadership. President Ruto's commitment to fulfilling promises and delivering on his economic agenda is evident, and this bodes well for the future of the country.

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