, pub-7771400403364887, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 Former President Uhuru Kenyatta Urges William Ruto to Embrace Humility and Prioritize Service to Kenyans: "Power Is Temporary"

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Former President Uhuru Kenyatta Urges William Ruto to Embrace Humility and Prioritize Service to Kenyans: "Power Is Temporary"

Former President Uhuru Kenyatta has offered advice to  President William Ruto, urging him to embrace humility and prioritize serving the Kenyan people. In a compelling statement, exePresident Kenyatta emphasized that power is temporary and urged Ruto to focus on addressing the needs of the nation instead of fueling tensions through prolonged protests. This article explores the President's advice, highlighting the importance of leadership and unity in Kenya's political landscape

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 Kenyatta's Call for Humility:

 Uhuru Kenyatta has called on Deputy President William Ruto to humble himself and prioritize the needs of the Kenyan people. In a clear message,  Kenyatta emphasized the temporary nature of power and urged Ruto to channel his energy towards service rather than engaging in prolonged protests that may escalate tensions within the country.

Understanding the Transience of Power:

Kenyatta's reminder of the transience of power serves as a valuable lesson for all leaders, including  President Ruto. Acknowledging the impermanence of authority can help leaders maintain perspective, focus on delivering meaningful change, and ensure that their actions have a positive and lasting impact on the nation.

Prioritizing Service Over Protests:

 Kenyatta highlighted the importance of prioritizing service to the Kenyan people over engaging in prolonged protests. While protests can be a form of democratic expression, they must be carefully managed to prevent violence and further divisions within the nation. Instead of dedicating time and energy to protests, President Kenyatta encouraged Ruto to utilize his position to address critical issues and fulfill the aspirations of the electorate.

Fostering Unity and Stability:

In a country as diverse as Kenya, unity and stability are paramount for progress and development.  Kenyatta's call for humility and prioritizing service aims to unite political leaders in a shared purpose of serving the nation. By working together, leaders can bridge gaps, promote inclusivity, and foster an environment conducive to economic growth and social cohesion.

The Importance of Political Leadership:

Political leadership plays a critical role in shaping a nation's trajectory. Leaders have the power to influence and bring about meaningful change, both in policy-making and in fostering a sense of unity and purpose.  Kenyatta's advice underscores the significance of responsible leadership and the impact it can have on national unity and progress.

Ensuring a Peaceful Political Transition:

As Kenya prepares for the next political transition, maintaining peace and stability is of utmost importance.  Kenyatta's call for humility and service aims to ensure a smooth transition, free from tensions and unrest. By prioritizing the needs of the nation and focusing on unity, leaders can contribute to a seamless transfer of power and uphold the principles of democracy.

The Role of Political Parties:

Political parties have a vital role in shaping Kenya's political landscape and advancing the interests of the electorate. Mwangi wa Iria, leader of the Usawa kwa Wote party, aptly explained the rationale behind reducing protest days from three to one, highlighting the need to scale down tensions and prevent unnecessary violence. Political parties must actively strive for consensus-building, offering viable alternatives, and fostering a culture of political discourse that prioritizes the well-being of the nation.


 Uhuru Kenyatta's advice to  President William Ruto highlights the importance of humility, service, and unity in Kenya's political sphere. Embracing the temporary nature of power, leaders must prioritize the needs of the people and work collaboratively to address pressing challenges. By fostering a culture of responsible leadership and promoting unity, Kenya can forge a path towards a brighter future, ensuring a peaceful and prosperous nation for all its citizens.

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