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Hamisa Sets the Record Straight: Her Relationship with Nandy and Billnass Revealed

In a recent interview with Tanzanian media outlets, popular actress and model Hamisa Mobetto addressed various rumors and controversies surrounding her personal life. With transparency and poise, she shed light on her relationship with fellow singer Nandy and clarified misconceptions surrounding her child's paternity .

Hamisa Mobetto started by revealing interesting details about her current partner. While he is not a fan of social media, circumstances have led him to embrace it. She described him as a successful businessman with companies in France, China, and several African countries. Despite her usual reluctance to post about her relationships on social media, Hamisa emphasized that her partner has made an indelible impact on her life.

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When asked about her son's recent birthday, which was not celebrated by his father, Diamond, Hamisa responded with a resilient outlook. She explained that she is at peace with whatever unfolds in life, aligning her plans with a higher purpose. Hamisa's unwavering faith in the divine plan allows her to embrace life's circumstances with grace and acceptance.

Addressing rumors and speculations, Hamisa calmly clarified her stance regarding her child's paternity. Refuting suggestions that her husband, Billnass, could be the father, she asserted that she has already discussed the matter with him, and further explanation is unnecessary. Hamisa expressed confidence in the truth known by those around her and acknowledged that trying to convince those who have formed their own conclusions may not be productive.

Hamisa made it clear that she does not feel obligated to meet with Nandy or anyone else to discuss these matters further. She emphasized the challenge of explaining something that is already evident, highlighting that she holds her truth and understands the difficulty in persuading those who have already made up their minds.

This candid interview with Hamisa Mobetto reveals her determination to set the record straight regarding her relationships and personal life. With grace and conviction, she confronts rumors head-on, embracing her truth and refusing to let speculation overshadow her happiness.

In conclusion, Hamisa Mobetto's revelations provide a deeper understanding of her relationships with Nandy and Billnass. Through this interview, she proves that she is more than just a celebrity, but a confident and resilient individual who remains true to herself, irrespective of external opinions.

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