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MURIC Gives Davido an Ultimatum to Pull Down Controversial Video

The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has issued a seven-day ultimatum to Nigerian singer Davido to take down his music video titled "Jaye Lo" due to its portrayal of Islam in a negative light. MURIC founder and Executive Director, Prof. Ishaq Akintola, expressed concerns that the video is offensive, misleading, and insensitive to Muslim sentiments. This article will explore the controversy surrounding the video and the reactions it has elicited.

Controversial Music Video:
In the music video for "Jaye Lo," artist Logos Olori, affiliated with Davido, depicts scenes resembling a Muslim prayer session followed by singing and dancing. The use of Muslim attire and prayer rituals mixed with entertainment elements has sparked outrage among Nigerian Muslims who find it offensive and repugnant. MURIC argues that the video is a mockery of Muslim spiritual life and practice, and the organization demands its immediate removal.

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Call for Action:
MURIC has called on Davido and Logos Olori to take down the video within seven days, warning of potential spiritual and legal consequences if they fail to comply. The organization also urges authorities, such as the Department of State Services, the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC), and the National Film And Video Censors Board (NFVCB), to intervene swiftly and ban the video. MURIC criticizes the traditional procedure of requiring separate petitions before taking action, emphasizing the need for proactive measures to prevent potential unrest.

Past Riots and Sensitivity:
The statement released by MURIC recalls past religious riots in Nigeria which were triggered by provocative artworks, resulting in loss of life and destruction of property. MURIC fears that the current controversial video could incite further violence and damage societal harmony. The organization reiterates the importance of mutual respect for religious beliefs and calls on Nigerian Muslims to remain calm and refrain from violent reactions, as the focus should be on dialogue and peaceful resolution.

MURIC's Stance:
MURIC emphasizes that Muslims do not take their religion lightly and will not tolerate disrespect towards their faith. The organization asserts that artists should avoid ridiculing religious practices and warns that it will work tirelessly to protect the sanctity of Islam. MURIC cites previous successful interventions, such as the banning of Falz's video "This is Nigeria" and the shaku shaku dance in 2018, as evidence of their commitment to upholding religious sensitivity.

The ongoing controversy surrounding Davido's music video reflects the delicate issue of religious sensitivity in Nigeria. MURIC's ultimatum to remove the video within seven days highlights the organization's determination to safeguard the respect and integrity of Islam. As stakeholders consider the impact of the video and potential consequences, it is crucial to foster dialogue and understanding among diverse cultural and religious communities to promote peace and unity in Nigeria.

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