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Police Brutality Continues: No Reforms Yet

Police brutality remains a pressing issue in society, as highlighted by recent cases of violence perpetrated by law enforcement officers. Despite efforts to eradicate such misconduct, incidents of excessive force and abuse of power persist. Two years ago, in the town of Kianjokoma, Embu County, two brothers, Benson Njiru and Emmanuel Mutura, were brutally killed by police officers enforcing the Covid-19 lockdown. This week marked the somber anniversary of their tragic deaths, serving as a stark reminder that police brutality continues to plague our society.

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On that fateful day in August 2021, Benson, 22, and Emmanuel, 19, had closed their shop and were making their way home before the curfew enforcement time began. Unfortunately, they encountered officers who resorted to physically beating them. This act of violence resulted in the loss of two innocent lives. While justice has been sought for the brothers' deaths, with six police officers charged with murder, it is disheartening to see that police brutality is still rampant despite these legal actions.

The International Medico-Legal Unit (Imlu) has drawn attention to the parallel between the killing of the Kianjokoma brothers and the recent murder of two young men in the Nyalenda slums of Kisumu. William Amulele, 24, and his younger brother Brian Onyango, 22, fell victim to police beatings during protests. Their deaths serve as a painful reminder of the deep-rooted culture of partisanship and brutality within the police force.

Imlu has been monitoring the Kianjokoma case closely, providing assistance to the grieving family throughout the post-mortem process. The organization emphasizes that these instances of police brutality highlight the urgent need for comprehensive police reforms. It is disheartening to witness lives being cut short, dreams shattered, and families left to grieve due to the continued prevalence of senseless violence.

Efforts to address police brutality are paramount. The need for a human rights-compliant and non-partisan police service cannot be overstated. While legal actions have been taken against the officers involved in the Kianjokoma and Nyalenda cases, these tragic incidents underscore the long road ahead in achieving genuine reform within law enforcement agencies.

The voices of activists, civil society groups, and citizens demanding an end to police brutality must be heard and taken seriously. We cannot remain silent while our fellow citizens continue to suffer at the hands of those entrusted with protecting and serving the community. It is crucial for society as a whole to come together and ensure that the necessary reforms are implemented swiftly and effectively.

On this anniversary of the Kianjokoma killings, we must reflect on the lives lost and the countless others impacted by police brutality. We must renew our commitment to justice, dignity, and respect for all individuals. Let us strive to build a society where every citizen feels safe, protected, and valued, free from the fear of police violence. It is only through decisive action and a collective effort that we can put an end to police brutality once and for all.

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