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Ruto Feels the Heat as Cabinet Fumbles

President William Ruto's cabinet is facing increasing scrutiny and criticism as their performance comes under question. The initial promise of a technocrat-led administration has not delivered the expected results, highlighting the need for a reevaluation of the cabinet's composition and effectiveness.

When Ruto first assumed office, he pledged to bring professionals into his cabinet to avoid the mistakes of past governments. However, over time, it became clear that expertise alone does not guarantee success. The ruling party shifted away from the technocrat approach, arguing that politicians could better connect with the electorate.

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Unfortunately, the current cabinet's performance has been less than stellar. Recently, President Ruto expressed frustration and disappointment with some members of his executive for their lack of knowledge and poor performance in their respective dockets. He even locked out tardy Cabinet Secretaries from a performance contract signing event.

The concerns over the calibre of nominees for cabinet positions were also highlighted by a Vetting Committee of the National Assembly. The opposition party, Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), accused Ruto of prioritizing political alliances over selecting qualified professionals for the cabinet. Even Ruto himself has questioned whether his cabinet members have what it takes to deliver on his ambitious agenda for Kenya.

Several high-profile blunders by Ruto's cabinet secretaries have further raised concerns about their competence and ability to govern effectively. Trade Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria's controversial statements on the Sudan conflict and Chinese traders, as well as Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mithika Linturi's lackluster performance during a questioning session, have all added to the doubts surrounding the cabinet.

The competence of Ruto's cabinet has become a subject of discussion among analysts and the public. Political analyst Xavier Ouma believes that the President must take charge and ensure that his Cabinet Secretaries are up to the task. It is crucial for Ruto to prioritize competence over political allegiances in order to restore order and confidence in his government.

Despite the concerns raised, all cabinet nominees were approved by Members of Parliament. However, it is clear that remedial action is needed to address the issues within the cabinet. President Ruto must take decisive measures, including reevaluating the composition of his cabinet and holding his cabinet members accountable for their performance. Only through these actions can he restore confidence in his administration and deliver on his promises to the Kenyan people.

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