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Lil Wayne and Macuban beef ends

Hip hop news The two have been in bad terms for a long period of time ,let say from 2011 and now they can speak eye to eye because of the from Young money president who had a quality time talk to the two and later posted on twitter that the ordeal has been solved.Hip hop news

The beef was set to public social media platform in particular twitter ;the two were exchanging nasty words and this is when Mack Maine showed up and solved the issue on wednesday night (18th,May) he then reveled the whole thing that has been solved between the two .The onset of the issue can be traced back to May ,8th when the Game 4 of the western conference was on its peak at the semifinals and this is the time mavericks and Phoenix sunsbrought the issue by firing up .At this point Lil Wayne called Luka Dancia a "ho" on twitter.Few days later (approximately a week) Doncia hit 35 points in Game 7of the series .

Hip hop newsThis forced the suns and Lil wayne be out of the game ,then Cuban started showing off on twitter by posting a courtside photo of Weezy and he quoted some lines of the 2018 song Some hours passed and then Lill Wayne came across the post ,he retweeted by threatening to beat up Cuban and then urinate on his mouth .
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