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Ungefanya nini kama ni wewe:BornDifferentShow

A woman from India and her family were shocked when they saw her baby for the first time. The boy was born with the so-called "werewolf syndrome" because he was covered with hair.

Parvatibai Patidar is featured in the Facebook clip of Different Born, where he shares his son Lalit Patidar's story. In the childhood photo of the boy, especially his legs are covered with long hair.

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Parvatibai meets Lalit for the first time 30 minutes after he was born in Madhya Pradesh, India. He also had hair growing on his face around his eyes, nose, and ears, and the boy's mother, Bankatlala Patidar, showed the nurse's approval to see their first son.

The doctor, who was 'shocked' in front of the child's face, immediately ran to the doctor. The nurse, who did not seem to have experienced such a situation, asked the doctor what was wrong with the child.

Bankatlala Patidar talks about the condition of his son 
But the doctor remained calm and told everyone not to worry. Finally, Lalit's family needed to learn and understand his plight, but Lalit was still facing complaints from others who were worried about what they didn't understand.

How do Lalit's family fall in love with him and how do they deal with bullying?

The doctor who examined Lalit said that although strange, he was "fine". Parvatibai recalls that the doctors did nothing to his son and simply shaved the boy.

Dilip Rathore with her friend Lalit Patidar at school, as previously shared in the Facebook video Born Different on May 9, 2020 | Source: Facebook/Born Different
Dilip Rathore with schoolmate Lalit Patidar in a Facebook video as previously reported Born Different, May 9, 2020 | Source: Facebook/Born Different

The parents also noticed that their son's hair was neither short nor long. When people wanted to ask what the Patidars were doing with their children, Parvatibai told them the boy was born with a disability.

Lalit werewolf syndrome is a disease that causes excessive hair growth. A teacher named Babulal Makwana, who taught Lalit for many years, noticed that the boy had had facial hair since he was born.

Makwana told Bankatlala about the child's condition and said that they tried various treatments to cure the child, but with no results. That's why they cut their hair now and then but it always comes back.

Lalit Patidar's situation was discussed in the Born Different Facebook video dated May 9, 2020 | Source: Facebook/Born Different
The status of Lalit Patidar was discussed in the Born Different Facebook video dated May 9, 2020 | Source Source: Facebook/Born Different
has a 13-year-old boy who is kind, intelligent, well-educated, and "a little idiot!" Lalit admits that she wanted her hair to disappear so she could grow out without it.

The boy said in disbelief that he wanted to pull his hair out because it got into his eyes. The hair around his mouth got tangled when he tried to eat, and he was probably having trouble breathing.

Lalit's friend Dilip Rathore admitted that he was shocked and horrified when he first met Lalit. However, Rathore's grandmother defends the young man, telling his grandson not to be afraid of him because he is like everyone else.

Bankatlala Patidar talks about his son Lalit Patidar in the Different Doğuş Facebook video dated May 9, 2020 | Source: Facebook/Born Different
Bankatlala Patidar talks about this in his Born Different Facebook video dated May 9, 2020 Lalit Patidar's son status | Source: Facebook / Born Different

Rathore puts his fear aside and befriends Lalit. But when they walked together, the other children laughed at Lalit, some even bullied him, called him "monkey" and threw stones at him.

Bankatlala's son believes that if he has no hair he will be fine and will not be bullied. Rathol said that their teacher taught them not to criticize others and therefore not to criticize Lalit for his appearance.

After Makwana scolded her class for bullying Lalit, they stopped and now they are playing together. Parvatibai's son laughs as he explains that he has "very good friends" and that his father loves him, Bankatlala explains that it's not good!

Lalit Patidar's situation was discussed in the Born Different Facebook video of May 9, 2020 | Source: Facebook/Born Different
The status of Lalit Patidar was discussed in the Born Different Facebook video dated May 9, 2020 | Profile Source: Facebook/Born Different

The boy said it was a joke, a joke! Bankatlala smiled when he said that Lalit sometimes played with his friends, and the boy admitted that he was trying to scare the other kids, and the kids said, "Dab, dab!"

Lalit said he was going to eat them, then they ran away. . Parvatibai recounts that some believe his son is the leader of the god Hanuman, but all he knows is that he is his child.

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